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Important recommendations before practices:
*Practice begins exactly at the appointed time. Please come 10-15 minutes before the beginning, this way you'll get to know the place.
*Take a mat, a couple of big towels or a stiff pillow, so you can sit on the floor comfortably.
Wear simple, casual clothes (linen or wool). You can also bring warm socks for comfort.

Important! You need to have an empty stomach.
That means:
4 hours after a hearty breakfast
2.5 hours after a light breakfast (fruits, crackers)
1.5 hours after a coffee/tea/juice
1.5 hours after cigarettes
10 hours after alcohol

You can drink water. You can also add some honey and lemon juice to a glass of warm water if you want.
I`am acquainted with these recommendations
If you cancel the registration 14 days before the seminar, 80% of the payment is refunded.
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